Congratulations, Samantha and Adrian!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We had the pleasure of looking after Samantha and Adrian's wedding flowers in October last year. When we work with any client, whether it be for a single bunch of flowers for a friend, or their wedding day, it's so important that we have an understanding of what is the final product needs to do... what does it need to look like? What atmosphere does it to enhance (or create, or entirely change...)? What, or who, does it need to represent?

It's also really important taht our clients trust us to create the right product for them... that we'll listen to what they are trying to achieve, that we'll know what to use (and to substitute that with if we need to), and that we'll know how to put it together so that what they've communicated to us through words is communicated to the next person through flowers.

It is such a privilege to have clients place their trust in you to do this. For Samantha and Adrian, we worked to the very enticing the "vintage glamour" atmosphere of the day, which was rather a lot of fun! Samantha supplied us with boxes of beautiful vintage vases; lots of little crystal beauties, with a few brass accents here and there, big vases and little vases, vases needing lot of flowers and vases just needing one.

Knowing the theme, the colour palette, the vase selection, and Samantha's favourite flowers, we were left with the delicious task of filling the day with flowers that would bring everything together! I love being able to work a bit instinctively, having the client's trust that what we present with on the day is just right. Finding a couple of unexpected bunches of this, or particularly spectacular that at the market is really special when you know they are going to contribute to someone's gorgeous wedding day. Beautiful green helebores and gilderose were two of my favourites added to Samantha and Adrian's selection.

It's always particularly nice to be able to share weddings with you that have been beautifully photographed, and for there photos, we have the talented Leah Kua to thank.

Samantha and Adrian, we loved being part of your special day. Congratulations!