Red Fragrance opened in Clarke Street, Crows Nest, in June 2009.

Our style is elegant and just a little bit quirky, making the most of the beautiful produce available to us. We’re lucky to be in a seasonally changing industry in which there’s something new and gorgeous to work with every week.

Whether it’s fresh flowers for home, for a beautiful gift, to lift the atmosphere in your office or to put the finishing touches on your special event, Red Fragrance is here for you.

We understand that when you come to visit us, it’s not just about buying flowers - it’s about expressing emotion, conveying a feeling or creating an atmosphere.

We want you to feel something when you come to visit us… Excitement or curiosity about a flower you’ve not seen before, nostalgia when you smell a flower that reminds you of your childhood, and confidence knowing that you’ll always be leaving us with something stunning.